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Adrenal results

Please could someone who has adrenal insufficiency look at my results which I have just received through the post, I also have an appointment for another adrenal test,

Do these results show I only have partial adrenal insufficiency

7/7/2016 23/12/2016

cortisol 0 37 46

cortisol 30 116 117

Thank you bowler.

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I really don't know bowler - you will have to ask your doctor I'm afraid.

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Hi PMRpro

After trawling through a lot of "stuff" I think I found the cortisol range ? [ 100 400 ] Mine is 116 so within range and the one before that was 117 so not dropped much, I have another ACTH in 3 weeks time, and will see the Endo a few weeks after that.


Looking forward to hearing his opinion.

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