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2 mg Pred today on dsns!

A big Thank You to PMRpro! Today, I am on 2mg Pred, having used the DSNS method you suggested , from 3mg. I had a few minor hiccups, along the way, but fine with it. I am going to stay on 2 mg for about 6 or so, weeks. On Friday, I am going to a friend, for a week. My first break in 3 years! I am a bit anxious at present, so will just 'rest' for awhile.

The last time I was on 2 mg Pred, was in 2009. I went home, to S.Africa for a family crisis. Sadly, both my parents died within 5 months of my returning. I returned to the UK in 2010. It was only last year that I was aware of this life-changing forum.

Thank you so much.

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Well done Karools16. You have become part of the magic of this forum by being an inspiration. Enjoy your break with all of yourself, you deserve to be very proud and pleased.

I'm sure PMRpro will be along to take her bow shortly.💐

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Hi Karools16, I am so sorry that you lost both parents, such a sad and difficult time for you. I am down to 3 mg of Pred. I tried to drop to 2 mg but was still in pain. I am back on 3mg and feeling great. I will drop down to 2 1/2 mg after Six weeks.

It is an amazing journey we are all on. Best wishes to you and keep us posted on your progress.

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Hi Karols,

WOW! you have had a bunch of challenges on this PMR journey. My sympathies, and my congratulations, as each is warranted!

I am glad you have found this forum of wonderful partners, who will walk these final miles with you. Many will soon be along to send warm wishes for your upcoming trip to visit your friend.

I, too, have chosen to take very long leveling periods with each pred drop. I have stayed months at a dose level, until my body became accustomed to that dose, before I resumed the very methodical taper.

Best Wishes for a restful vacation. Jerri

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