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Gentle tapering method requested from PMRPRO and thank you to fellow travelers

Hello PMRpro and fellow PMR travelers who weighed in on my first posting a while back-

About a week ago PP connected me with a site which provides a method that you said has had greet success in sort of a "slow motion " gentle, cautious tapering of prednisone. It looked workable to me. Made sense. Not knowing how to navigate blogs very well (this is my very first blog ever, un-techy me!) , I'm not finding the text with the link. Wonder if you could resend to JoanJo. Much appreciated.

I took everyone's advice, bit the bullet, and jumped back up to 15, after it was very clear (thanks to many of you helping me see the light), that I really was in the midst of a flare, not really fully functioning even on 11 mg till 3 or 4:00 in the afternoon each day. I was putting up with too much pain, stiffness and misery for a large part of each day, and from the sounds of it, only prolonging the whole taper process. Eleven days later, I'm happy to report that 15 mg was the magic number. My rheumatologist wanted my jump to 20, but on 15 now (some of you suggested), I wake up virtually pain free most mornings so I KNOW this is the correct dose to get me back on track. I can function normally when my feet hit the floor!😊 (Got my life back, basically-- the trick now being not to over-do it garden, yard, dog play and work wise)

Of course I still have fears of bones cracking and diabetes etc, but I think in the long run this was the better route (think a lot about Heron's burning city story and pred carrying me out of it) . So hope to use PP's chart for tapering, or a modified version thereof.

Grateful in Minnesota (US) for Everybody's kind help and nurturing.

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Yes that's it. Thanks so much!


Good for you. If it is any reassurance , I just had my bone density test and after five years of prednisone and up To 80 mg bones are okay....that is an individual thing I know , but they kept warning of dire consequences .

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I do have advanced osteoporosis unfortunately, but am glad to hear your bones are weathering the pred storm (and a large one at that) just fine , best of luck with tapering !


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