Splitting The Dose!

Well, we're back from our travels, an interesting & educational trip with Busan being my favourite place. The splitting of my steroid dose worked well, as some mornings I had my alarm set for 5am so l could 'come around' at my own pace & still be in the Theatre at 7am to join our tour! We have seen many Beautiful Temples, Buddha's, Garden's & the memorable Fish Market in Busan PMRpro plus l managed to get myself interviewed for South Korean TV 😂 you can't take me anywhere!

I had my monthly blood results yesterday & my CRP is 7 ~ it's the lowest it's been since I finished my Chemo 18 months ago ~ fingers crossed it stays this way! I'm starting the next 0.5mg reduction DSMethod now, currently on 2.5mg coated last thing at night & 4mg in a morning.

Off to see my lovely Oncologist on Monday, so hope all's well there & then time to see a Physio re my knees, worn joints & knee caps!

Hope everyone is doing OK?

Mrs N x

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  • I'm glad to hear that you are doing so well and having adventures. You sound very Zen maybe the Buddhist temples blessed you.

  • I certainly offered a Prayer 🙏🏼 in every Temple & there were a few Buddha's of Health! x

  • Hi,

    Great to hear you had such a lovely time, and have come back refreshed. Well done!

  • I liked S Korea - there is a possibility of another trip though OH is saying no (I do fully understand why he doesn't want though!).

  • Glad you had a great time Angela! Good to have you back x Jackie

  • Thanks Jackie, hope you're doing OK? xx

  • Jogging along!! Am going to post a query in a mo so that will give you an indication of my situation at the mo xx

  • Ah OK! Hope I can help xx

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