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pmr or not

my question is, if any of you have read my story previously, my gp diagnosed pmr oct 12 2016, without any bloodwork being done, just by symptons, started at 40,mg, saw rheum 2 wks later was down to 30,she would not confirm pmr diagnosis, no baseline bloodwork done, and had back issues for long time prior to seeing gp oct 12, said 40 mg would take any kind of pain away, she wanted me to decrease to 25, then 20 which i did by nov 1, then was kept on that for 3 months, ? she was away, i still was having symptons, down to 17,5 jan 18, saw her feb 14 told her was going away to cuba for week in march, said i shouldn,t decrease dosage at that point, re ins purposes, went away for few days to nashville back on april 7, reduced to 15 on apr 8, now my question is, if i don,t have pmr, and want to get off pred, (as should dr, back dr etc advised, to determine what is going on in my body) and have to say, shoulder, butt, hamstrings have improved, although hip and groin pain started up 6 wks ago(chiro, back specialist claim caused from lower back issues, herniated disk, degenerative disks, stenosis of spine etc) can i expect pain i had initially to return on decreasing, if it is not pmr, and i a getting off prednisone, that is to say, if it was not pmr, and something else ie, bursitis, frozen shoulder etc, will the reduction of pred if done quickly bring those type of symptons back, i want to get off pred as soon as possible, if i never had pmr, but was given these doses of pred, what should i expect

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It is impossible to say since you don't know what it is. You can't predict the totally unknown, we don't have crystal balls unfortunately.


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