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Nothing special

Hi Everyone,

Not posted here for a long time, not because I'm disinterested, but not having much to contribute.

My own situation is very similar to many who post here. After five years of PMR I'm starting my fifth attempt to reduce my dosage of Pred. Currently following an alternate day regime of 9 / 8 mgs and not experiencing too much discomfort except in the shoulders during sleep.

However, having passed my three score & ten allotted time, no one knows with any certainty what pain is PMR related and what is normal age-related stuff.

Anyway, good luck to all,


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Hi Martin,

Agree it's sometimes difficult to know what is PMR, and what normal aches and pains.

Glad to hear you're reducing without any hiccups, but just be aware that another couple of mgs down and you'll be into the "adrenal glands waking up" scenario, so you may feel a little more fatigued. Not necessarily, but you may!

Take care.


It isn't just having passed one's allotted span (although one hopes will get WAY past it) - not there yet and I have to work out whether the pain I get while reducing is due to "just" PMR or to myofascial pain syndrome and the effect of spinal stiffness on back muscles! I got stuck at 10mg - because I had back pain. The GP did a technique called needling and I got to 8mg. She also referred me to rheumatology - and the doctor there did 3 manual treatments - and I've nearly got to 6mg now. Just starting sessions with a physio - wonder how far I can get with that?????


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