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Update on gillymar

Saw yet another surgeon yesterday. Sent me for xray on right femur. Lovely young man in xray nearly killed me as I found it almost impossible to respond to his request to 'roll over' , move to edge of bed etc due to excruciating pain in lower back. Back with surgeon he heard my comments and sent me back for another xray on back ! This was taken standing up so no problem there. Surgeon then recommended MRI scan soon. I am to ring for appointment next week. Meanwhile getting out of bed from lying on back all night ( luckily this is pain free ), to sitting and then standing really is awful. Little man with knife sticking into a nerve says it all. Possibly vertebrae slipped plus 'wear and tear' the cause. Meanwhile only mode of transport the dreaded wheel chair. Thus robbing me of my last shred of independence. HAPPY DAYS.

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My awful low back pain which caused similar difficulties was entirely due to muscles being in spasm and causing sacroiliacitis - so if they can't find any other reason, think on that.

But I'm wincing in sympathy here!




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