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Light at the end of tunnel


This is the week when I'm down to 1mg of pred per day and feeling none the worse. Best wishes to everyone who is still struggling and feeling they're getting nowhere. Believe me, eventually you will find that 'somewhere' - maybe 'over the rainbow'! Good luck.

Oh and the low carb diet is still wiorking. I have about 10lbs to go until I reach my 'fighting weight'. I won't be quite a sylph but no longer a podge!

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So pleased for you! 🙂


Fingers crossed!

Annodomini in reply to PMRpro

And toes!

Fantastic news - well done. It gives us all encouragement to hear this.


thats fantastic news

So good when you read that someone is coming out of the tunnel. WEll done

So very happy for you ,and thanks for the encouragement.

It's great to hear good news. My efforts keep being sabotaged by life events and er chocolate. Well done!

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Well done, look forward to you reaching club zero!

But take that last mg very carefully - I did 0.5mg and then zero with the slow plan -had a touch of the collywobbles when starting last reduction, so left it for a week or so, and then tried again successfully!

The feeling when you get there is brilliant, both physiological and physical! Six months later, still good- hope I'm not putting spanner in works by saying that!

Onwards and upwards (or downwards, whichever way you want to look at it!)

So pleased for you. Is a great encouragement for us all to know that there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Hope this last step goes well for you x

Wonderful news, well done you..I am at the beginning of this journey and you have given me hope now..

Very best wishes


Great to read that there are folks here that have success. Long may yours continue.

I'm new to all this, so lovely to hear that as you say "light at the end of the tunnel", that's why forums like these are so helpful, you have real peoples experiences.

Best wishes


Many congratulations on reaching the end...😁 Can I ask how long this journey has taken?

Annodomini in reply to Amstel

Nearly six years. Ups and downs but dead slow reduction is the answer to staying on track.

Congratulations! 🎉🎈 Can't wait to join you!

Remember the old Cliff Richards song? Congratulations and celebrations.I want the world to see, I'M HAPPY as can be!!!!! Exciting time!

That is so very good to hear, both for you and those of us still on our journey.

I continue to be amazed at this forum with the amount of support it offers and the amount of humour that still abounds. This post has shown another facet - how genuinely pleased people are to hear of other peoples' success.

Thanks everyone, for the positive replies. xxx


well done - good luck xx

Well done you - here's hoping I can join you one day

Well Done! How long has it taken you? I have just reached 4.5mg and am feeling rather nervous about the next stage.

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