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Did anyone listen to radio 4's Inside Health last night. It mentioned a "Desktop" CRP device that GPs can use to get a quick (2 min) CRP from a pricked finger. It was talking about raised CRP from infection but presumably is also applicable to PMR/GCA, if the sensitivity is good enough? That would be good, to get a quick CRP that can give instant feedback before deciding on a higher dose of Prednisolone. However, at £1200 I don't expect my GP to have one anytime soon! How about "crowdfunding" one for a group?

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  • Our GPs here in Italy have a similarly priced device for doing INR for patients on warfarin. You are left to ask how often a GP wants one though...

  • I don't know how expensive it is to have blood tested at the hospital is. I would have thought it may pay for itself in time. It would also I guess help with recognising sepsis which kills thousands every year. The problem for many of us though is getting a G.P appointment in the first place.

  • Quite! They'd have to do it when you were in - and it takes more than 10 mins to do it all. Or have to keep a nurse who can do it on call.

    It isn't the cost of the device that is so bad - it is the disposables. The test strips for most of these hand held devices are about £4 or more (each!). And every so many strips they have to be recalibrated - the lab that issues them has to get it back for a few hours. The automated machines that measures dozens per hour don't need done every 50 - calibrated once a day and quality control samples is usual.

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