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New Rheumy

This week, my original rheumy having retired, I met her successor - young and keen. She gave me a good going over and couldn't understand why I was still on steroids after five and a half years. Her predecessor had no problem with that. Anyway, she (the new one) was concerned about my markers still being raised and wondered if there was another inflammatory condition contributing to this problem - as well as Sjogren's Syndrome. I also got her to look at the lump on my foot that prevents me from walking as far as I'd like and, today, two days later, I have received an appointment for an X-ray next week; and, in the same post, an appointment with the rheumy nurse in July. This new young lady doesn't hang about!

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As long as she doesn't try to hurry up the pred reduction if it doesn't want to work!

An Italian study, originally on the role of methotrexate in reducing pred, found that about a third of patients still require pred after 6 years...

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I have a pretty big stock of pred tablets, so I can go my own way with the blessing of my excellent GP. I am on the way down between 2 and 1mg at the moment and intend to take my time.

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