Hi all I have been eating a lot of inflammatory foods, and my CRP and ESR have always reflected on pain I have, I am probably a bit obsessed with my blood readings, and CRP and ESR have been down 3.5 and 5

But I've had a bad cold for last 2weeks and had bloods done my CRP is 8 and ESR is 19 and do feel a lot more pain.

I started off with neck pain and pains in my thighs, I was on 20mg pred and diagnosed with PMR, and only when I was reducing. I started to get jaw pain and severe headache's. And had temporarily sight loss, which was so frightening, but I feel so lucky. I was hospitalised and had a positive biopsy for GCA

I'm down to 4.5mg pred from 80mg, that was over 2 years ago.

I was thinking should I wait until I recover from this cold and maybe my readings would go down. And if CRP and ESR readings are not down then maybe increase. Thanks for reading

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  • Do you mean inflammatory or anti-inflammatory food?

    Your cold is enough to raise the ESR and CRP - they are very non-specific tests. You should stick where you are re dose for the moment and get them redone next week to see if there is a trend - a single raised value should never result in a knee jerk reaction increase even if you have mild symptoms when you have something else going on such as a viral or bacterial infection.

  • Sorry PMRPRO I did mean anti inflammatory foods of course.

    Ye I was going to increase as I'm always afraid of the sight, but thanks for your advice I will wait till this cold has passed and get bloods done againow,

    Is it something you do like watching your blood readings? And is your readings stable? Thanks again and for replying so quickly

  • Me? No - no point, my ESR and CRP have never been raised! Ever!

  • Hi,

    Don't get too obsessed with blood markers, they can be affected by other things, such as your cold. The only time you need to get worried is if they continue to rise month on month -or however often you have them tested.

    Your symptoms should be the key as to whether you decrease, or increase, with the bloods as a secondary confirmation.

    My ESR was never very low, except for when I was v. high doses of Pred. They can vary from person to person depending on lots of things, and as it's not something that's tested when you have no problems it's difficult what "your" normal.

  • Thanks so much for your reply, your all so good. It's so comforting to know your there, I've had cold for last 2 weeks and bad cough so I give it a week, think I'm on the mend, and get bloods done. Hope you are doing OK. Thanks again x

  • This is helpful.

    Having a bad flare today (GCA), so panicking a bit. 'Earth-shattering' morning.

    Sunday, of course.

    Was on 17.5, trying to get down to 15 mg Pred. Wonder how far I need to go back up?

    Bloods tomorrow.

    Note your advice. Thanks.

  • Try 20mg to start with - but next time reduce 1mg at a time, not 2.5mg.

  • Hi there probably more experience people here. I've had PMR and GCA. I'm down from 80mg tof 5mg and blood markers always reflect on pain I'm having, but have had a cold for over 2 weeks and I've had more pain than usual. But had blood test last Monday and CRP was 5.8 and ESR was 19, so I didn't know weather to increase or wait till this cold passes. But thanks to nice people here and there advice. I am going to wait. So maybe you should wait and see results of bloods, depending of course on how bad your pain is and then when you have GCA you can't take chances, im always a bit nervous of sight loss. Take care

  • Agree with PMRpro

  • My blood markers shoot up if I have a cold or am ill. I try not to reduce if I am under the weather, but if I feel fine I do tend to ignore the blood test results.

  • Thanks pigiette I suppose at end of the day it all about how you feel, it just plays tricks on us x

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