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I have already typed this once and it has disappeared where to I do not know so here's to second attempt. I have not contributed to this site much as I have not had any problems so far and no pearls of wisdom to impart but have read with interest the experiences sufferers have had. My question is after starting on 15mg in June with no problems I am reducing to 10mg which appears to cause some to flareup I don't want this to happen as I am going away for Xmas. I'm following the Dead slow stop method. I also hear some people have blood test during their treatment what do these tests reveal. I asked my doctor for one, gave me the appropriate forms and was told to have one if I wanted to. Is there any point. What a crazy enigmatic condition this is. Any info would be appreciated

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The blood tests are normally to check your inflammation markers CRP and ESR to see if the steroids have got the PMR under control. If you feel OK they may be a bit superfluous. Also it is a good idea to occasionally have other blood checks done such as glucose, as steroids can cause side effects such as steroid induced diabetes. Steroids can also cause increased blood pressure, so checking blood pressure every so often is a good idea. It is also a good idea to have a Dexascan to check your bone density and take vit D and calcium supplements, as steroids can affect bone density. Steroids do have quite a few possible side effects, but you may be lucky and have none of them. There are also other blood tests that should be done occasionally, such as full blood test, U and E, liver check, vit D levels, B12 ..... to ensure that you are in tip top condition with the steroids.


I would add magnesium levels to the blood test as deficiencies can increase muscle pain. Mine was found to be low and now using magnesium oil spray



Piglette has given you low down on blood tests, abs as she says not everybody has the ESR CRP done regularly,your symptoms are the key, and then bloods used to corroborate problems.

If you are worried about Christmas might be an idea not to reduce, or if you are in middle then put on hold until you get back to your normal routine. A couple of weeks here or there won't matter in the great scheme of things.

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When you say you are reducing from 15mg to 10mg - you aren't doing it as one step are you? Even with DSANS from 15 to 10 is a bit steep! As the others have said - if you are at all worried about Christmas, put your reduction on hold until after New Year.

To be honest - the people who struggle at 10mg are rarely using the DSANS approach - their doctors have told them to reduce 2.5mg at a time and to do it straight from every day old dose to every day new dose. If you go 1mg at a time it is far better and using an even slower approach is even better.


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