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I don't believe it!

I've been feeling pretty grotty for the past couple of weeks--leg not healing properly (4 1/2 months since the ulceration cleared); sporadic shoulder and hip pain; not very mobile; and having had a PIP review 3 weeks ago!

On Monday 21 November my pharmacist dispensed to me 2 types of antibiotics (Doctor had taken a leg swab on 8 November,pharmacist had prescription ready on 10 November --only one problem; no told me the swab indicated a complex infection or of the additional medication required).

2 days later the gloom has lifted, my leg feels improved, AND a decision from DWP in 3 weeks! An increase in PIP payment! Despite my earlier misgivings it was a fairy after all!

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Pity about the lack of communication about your leg, but at least you are now on the mend. And great news about your PIP, bet that's taken a lot of worry off your shoulders! They do get it right in lots of cases, but it's a worry whilst you're waiting for the decision!

Take care

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Oooh good! Just in time for xmas too! Hope it was backdated as well...

But naughty GP - communication is all!!!!!

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Glad that now things seem be on the up- must be a relief for you. Pity about the lack of communication but just move on and perhaps to be aware for the future!!! Xx


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