Hi all, I have many small lumps in my legs, arms and torso which feel like they are in my veins. If I touch them, how to explain, it's like an itchy pain. They're just under the skin but def follow the run of my veins. Even if my cat sits on my lap my legs really hurt. I mentioned to doc but was told it may be fatty lumps and not to worry ?

Anyone else have this?

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  • Jjackdaw, I think if my Dr just told me it "may" be fatty lumps, I would be looking for a more reassuring answer. ? Yes, he may be right in saying "not to worry", but that wouldn't be sufficient to satisfy me. Is there another Dr in the practice you could see for a second opinion?

  • Hi Celtic, I have another appt on the 20th so hopefully I'll see another dr .. I also have to have bloods taken so hopefully that will shed some light on lumps. I'm not too worried at the mo but I still need answers. Thanks for reply and I will keep you posted.

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