Increased and Split Dosage

A bit of background history for those who have not read my previous post. (Diagnosed with PMR Aug 11, put on 50mg for 7 days then reduced to 20mg, had gallbladder taken out Aug 22. Stayed on 20mg for 16 days, but had to increase to 22.5mg due to flare up.

I've increased my dosage to 22.5mg from 20mg, and I've started taking 7.5mg around 1:00 AM, and the balance 15mg at around 7:30 AM. This is my second day and I can't believe the difference. I got up the last two mornings and I can actually walk, and hold my coffee without pain. Thank you Dorsetlady and PMRpro for all your advise. I told my wife, I don't know what I would of done without this support group.

PS: How long do you think I should stay on 22.5mg before, trying to go back to 22mg, maybe splitting it 5mg and 15mg

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Get the symptoms as good as you can get them and then try it and see how it goes. You may find that splitting it may avoid the flare - but if you are worried try just cutting 1/2mg off the night dose first. If it works you can go on to another 1/2mg.

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I will have to get 1mg pills, all I have are 5mg

Thanks again


Good, so pleased to hear!

As PMRpro says, stay as you are until you feel good, then very slowly. 0.5mg might not sound much, but very often it's the difference between being okay, or not. Don't be rushed by your doctor, do reductions to suit YOU, not him!


Thanks again


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