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Forgot a dose

I take my pred 10 mil in am and 2&1/2 mil at 6pm but for the first time forgot the lesser dose today and took it 6hours later. Didn't know why I felt funny and realized I hadn't taken it so I'm hoping it was a good decision rather than go all night without the dose. I'd appreciate it if anyone here knows the right thing to do, I guess I'll go back to regular time tomorrow.



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I recently flew to Florida from England for holiday and tried to look at time difference to adjust when I should take my Pred which I take at 7.30am daily (give or take inevitable variations that occur). I got very confused and decided I would just continue to take at 7.30am Florida time. All seemed fine. Nothing odd seemed to happen to me. However when home I discovered I had completely forgotten to take my weekly dose of Alendronic. Hey ho! Still alive today!!

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Hi, Florida is where I reside, thanks for your replying!



We have all done it

That should be fine jut take normal dose today as you usually take it.



Thank you Rose, I appreciate the speedy reply!

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