Are you living in or around the Plymouth area. Asda have a green token charity bin where 3 charities go up against each other with people who shop there are given a green token to place in the bin of their choice. Our Plymouth Group are one of those charities , The one with the most receive £400 and the following 2 will get £200. Please if you shop in Asda in Estove plymouth please tell your family & friends. Many thanks. Sally

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  • That's great Sally. I didn't know that Asda did that scheme, we have similar at our local Waitrose but so far no ones applied for our charity. I'll try to get over to Asda to do some shopping in June. Jill

  • Hi Jill I did write to Waitrose but never heard back .

  • Hello sally I just wanted to say hello and make contact as I live in Totnes most of the time. Though am Away in Spain quite abit during the autumn/ winter . Do you know of a rheumatologist who is knowledgeable about PMR?!! Please.

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