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Still waiting!

Hi, I am just waiting for my rheumatology appointment which I have been chasing, but I'm worried that if they don't find anything wrong I'm back to square 1 again. Both Physio and orthopedic surgeon don't think the shoulders are frozen, but I know something's wrong. The last few weeks I've started getting light headed as BP low. My left ear aches as well as my neck and last night I started to get like an inconsistent electrical buzzing in my left ear, pains in left bicep and wrist and tingly fingers. I got up and was looking all over the house for the noise and I've been out and about today and it has followed me all day. Im still unable to move my arms other than from the elbow and I have such a sore swollen elbow that I cannot rest upon it at all. Any ideas? Am I going mad?

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I had excruciating pains down to my elbows before diagnosis of PMR. I could not even scratch my nose without awful pain. If you are seeing a rheumie I should really concentrate on telling them about the pains in your arms and shoulders. Do you have pain in your hips too? I started with shoulder pain and the hip pain came later. At least you have been referred to a rheumie. My GP kept saying I had a virus. In the end I went to a rheumie privately. I was given steroids and in less than twenty four hours a miracle happened.


I started to get pain in my knees but I put that down to all the walking now I can't drive. But considering how active I was 6 months ago doing 15 hours a week exercise. I am a bit surprised.


Don't forget to mention all the ear problems - they can be signs of GCA as well as a few other things that should be part of an exclusion diagnosis for PMR. Have you told your GP about them?

Have you had your BP checked in both arms by the way?


Hi, only had BP done in 1 arm 97/71 and talked to GP but because I've had a referral to rheumatologist, he told me just to tell them everything but as u know I'm chasing my appointment. As soon as I appear in the system I'm ringing the rheumatologist line for advice then they can hopefully push it along for me. Thanks for your support. X


No you're not going mad! Sorry but it sounds like PMR to me! Try to get your GP to put you on Prednisolone & if you immediately feel better that will be your diagnosis. If not you will just slowly have to come off the prednisolone. Good luck! C.


Thank you


I am sure you have already been told this but writing a symptom list is valuable to you and the rheumatologist when you only have a short appointment time. Concentrate on how long you have had a symptom and how it affects you. For instance I found drawing curtains, making beds and doing up my bra to start with difficult , but as the shoulder and upper arm pain got worse my handwriting got worse.

If you can estimate how far you can walk/how long you can stand for that is also usefull information.

My G.P. let me have a recent printout of blood results, which I find can be lost in transit.

I know it shouldn't make a difference but I think being better organised can give you more time to have your questions answered.

Good luck


Thank you, I have a list as long as my arm already. Just so frustrated with all the waiting although I am chasing all the time. I completely make a nuisance of myself keep nagging until I get a response! Left another message only yesterday. But appears I'm still waiting to be graded. I want to scream.....


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