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I am having a very difficult time. I was having slight head pain last week and increased my Prednisone from 20 - 25 with good effect. I had blood work done this past Thursday and sed rate was very low (but mine has always been in normal range) and my CRP was 6 (our lab normal is 8 or below). My CRP is the marker I go by. The week before it had been 13 so it had come down nicely. But yesterday and today I am in tears with the head pain, can't even get out of bed. I gave myself 30 yesterday thinking that would work but the pain is even worse today so gave another 30. I am baffled. I have never had to go higher than that with other flares and CRP was always elevated. BTW my diagnosis was last August after PMR for a year. Suggestions? Probably more Prednisone. Thank goodness I got a phone call yesterday to see the GCA specialist this coming Tuesday so that wasn't as long a wait as I expected.

Thank you in advance, I will read all replies but might not be able to reply back right away,


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  • Hi animi,

    Sorry to hear you are having a bad time at the moment.

    Suggest you see how you are tomorrow, and if things are as bad as today then maybe you should try 40mg. I think as you are going to see specialist on Tuesday then you won't be doing yourself any harm in increasing to that level. I would suspect that he will say go back up to at least that, and maybe 60mg, which I believe you were on previously.

    It's so frustrating having to go back up just as you were getting to a reasonably low level, but you just can't take any risks. Thank good you have an appointment next week, so hopefully you will get some reassurance from that.

    I wish you well. Please let us know the outcome of your appointment.

  • Thank you DorsetLady, good advice. And I will definitely post after I see my new doctor.

  • Totally agree with DL - and if the higher pred DOES result in a marked reduction it may help the specialist's decision.

  • Well, the head pain is definitely better this morning so the increase in Prednisone was effective. I think I'll stay on 30 until I see the specialist otherwise I might not make it there if the pain comes back.

    Thank you,


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