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No diagnosis yet

Hi I have been getting a lot of neck pain putting down to muscle spasm going with the nerve pain in my now frozen shoulders. After reading your piece about GCA I decided to feel the pulse behind my ears. I could feel it on the right side, but on the left side where my neck and ear hurt there is little or no pulse. I am getting my results from my orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for a bone med scan regarding the Shadow on C7 Picked up on the last MRI. I am beside myself with constant pain, I had a terrible migraine all night last night and generally very down. Where can I go from here? 

I've had a response from PMRPro already after I responded to her last post about GCA and not being able to feel a pulse on my left ear. 

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I'm sorry to hear that you are still without a definitive diagnosis for your pain, but as to where you "go from here", it rather depends on who you have seen to date.  If your pain is due to the shoulder problem, then the orthopaedic consultant who arranged your bone scan and who you are seeing tomorrow may be able to help further.  On the other hand if PMR is suspected you need to see a rheumatologist  to either confirm or rule it out.  Hopefully, tomorrow's appointment will provide an answer.


Hi Dawnie08,

Are you using different hands to check your pulse? For instance, I have Wegener's and it has affected my right side predominately. I take my neck pulse on my left side with my left hand.... it seems natural, and the pulse is sound. If I take my neck pulse on my right side with my right hand there is no pulse.... but if I retake it with my left hand it is almost normal. In my case the Wegener's is affecting my right fingers.

If I am 'teaching my grandmother how to suck eggs' then I apologise. Sometimes the simplest things catch us out. Ask your GP to check it on your next visit to clarify matters.


Hi, Yes I did try it and got someone else to check if for me too. After seeing the orthopaedic surgeon today I have now today been referred to rheumatologist so have to wait again for more tests...

Roll on.....


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