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Getting to the bottom of my PMR

I just returned from a clinic in Switzerland (Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc) run by a Dr. that practices Integral medicine. The goal was to find out what was causing my PMR. Doctors told me they didn`t know what caused PMR but that Prednisone took away the pain. I had been on Prednisone for about one month and was able to get down to 8 mg per day, but I concluded it was only masking the pain. I saw a microscopic view of my blood which showed my white blood cells completely inactive and oddly shaped which is what prednisone does, it shuts down you immune system. More or less giving yourself AIDS. After numerous tests they found high level of Toxin in my system. My heavy Metal Test Report shows Aluminium at 0.01336 which is High+, Silver at 0.01649 and considered Very High, Mercury at 0.01892 also considered very high almost off the chart. They also found that my Mucosa was malfunctioning (Leaky Gut) which allowed these Toxins into my system and was probably the cause that brought o the PMR. I had Heavy Metal detox infusions along with Ozone infusions to help improve my condition. I am completely off the prednisone now and although I still have some pain it is getting better every week and I am hoping that once my Leaky Gut is under control and I complete the detox I will wake up one morning without pain just as suddenly and the onset of PMR which was literally overnight.

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I'm repeating my response to your post on the other thread - for completeness.

No-one here (or anywhere else for that matter) has ever told anyone that pred "cures" PMR - it relieves the inflammation caused by the underlying autoimmune disorder which leads to the immune system attacking the body as "foreign" and by so doing relieve the symptoms, allowing a better quality of life until the cause burns out and goes into remission. 

Pred does NOT "more or less give you AIDS" by "shutting down your immune system", that is a gross overstatement and inaccurate. It damps the immune response to some extent and some people are more likely to get infections yes, but for most of us there is little change. I get fewer infections than before. It manages the symptoms of some types of PMR and you reduce from the starting dose to the lowest dose that manages the symptoms to minimise the risks. There are many causes of PMR, some longer lasting than others and many people recover spontaneously in shorter times than others. Those who recover quickly in the type of PMR we discuss here are often much more likely to develop PMR again at some later point. But, as I say, there are a lot of other causes and little way of identifying exactly what triggered your own personal attack.


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