Greetings from San Francisco!!

Haven't posted in a while. Health is stable and improving. Been very busy writing a business plan for a private patient advocate agency so Ican support myself and control my work load. In San Francisco to see my parents who winter here with my younger brother and sister. Such a nice change from the cold new england weather! I have been on a fast taper off the prednisone under my new (awesome) rheumy and came down to 10mg on Wednesday. Ifeel good, have been walking miles with no (knock wood) ill effects. Hope everyone else is enjoying (or enjoyed) this Sunday!

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  • So glad things are looking up for you! Hope you are able to enjoy lots of California sunshine while you are there. :)

  • Thank you Heron!!

  • Greetings from a very windy Shropshire,blowing up a Gale here . May the motorhome getting packed this week to go away on Thursday after hospital visit . Grandkids tell me iam mad my reply is ,as a Nan it is my job to do mad things . Have a good time with family I Loved the walk from golden gate park to fisherman's walf

  • best wishes on your trip. I have fond memories of my mad Nan!!

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