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Doc Martin

So the Doc Martin episode where Martin's aunt is diagnosed with PMR was on tv last night, first showing in Canada, I think. Have to say I was rather disappointed. How unrealistic to have a (medically trained) patient resistant to treatment, and a doctor able to diagnose it within seconds of said patient walking past him! Hubby was watching too, and I am sure he didn't get a true picture of what I have been going through. But I suppose we should be grateful it was mentioned, although as "polymyalgia" alone which I think makes it more likely for the general public's confusion with "fibromyalgia" to continue.

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Agree and we Brits were amazed at the GP doing a biopsy there and then in a dusty surgery!


Ah yes - but Doc Martin was a vascular surgeon before he became a GP! And that's about as likely as hen's teeth too!


Hi all

I have had PMR for nearly 5 years treated with daily doses of steroid.  I am now taking 1mg every other day still have muscle pain not sure if this is due to general underuse. I intend to battle on regardless and hope that one day I shall be able to jump up from a sitting position as my grandchildren expect me to. 

The Doc Martin episode was not realistic and should be taken as just another silly storyline.  I love Doc Martin but really.....! 


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