Rheumy versus GP

Well, after my not- so- good appointment with my Rheumy last week, went to see my GP yesterday, and what a difference. It ended up with him saying I could come down in 5mgs if I wanted instead of 10 like the Rheumy said and basically told me I could manage my own meds as I knew better than anyone how my body felt. Starting to come down again today but will do it more slowly this time. 35 mgs today instead of 40. One worrying thing though, I had tests last week at the hospital, including a chest Xray to rule out any heart problems as my breathing is now so bad, but I have had an appointment letter this morning to go for a lumbar Xray. Sounds like there may be something going on where I get the excruciating pain in my lower back. I have had this for several weeks now, in fact, as I have been lowering my doseage of Preds. I don't think it will amount to anything much, as when I sit down, even though I have been in agony, the pain goes immediately, but fingers crossed.

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  • There's a GP to hang on to - and a long term promise. Maybe by the time you have to go back to the rheumy he'll have moved on...

  • I attend the Rheumy clinic twice a year [ GCA/PMR ] and each time I see a different Dr. and they all send me away with a different taper. I saw one of the senior Rheumy's in March who said for me to drop my Pred. by 10mgs !!! [ I was on 25 mgs at the time and having tests for WG . ] of course I didn't do as he said and I even told my GP that I was doing my own taper, he never questioned it as I have been taking pred for 16 years and know my own body. At my appointment in Sep., I was told to drop by 1mg a month, which was better, but as I'm on 10mgs I will stay on that for the foreseeable future as even dropping half mg. was too much. I keep my appointments at the hospital to "stay in the loop" so to speak.

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