Fall update!!

Thank you all for the encouragement! I have managed to gently sponge the blood out of the front of my hair and as I can't see the wound and accompanying glue on the top of my head, I don't think I look quite so bad! Hubby says it looks bad from behind but hey ho! Am feeling a bit shaky still but not too bad. Really want to be well enough to go to grandaughters concert on Weds as she is playing her violin in the orchestra for the first time! Really disappointed to be missing our local PMRGCA support group meeting today as it would have been my first one, but I know I'm not up to that. Next year hopefully. Have a good day.

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  • Good to hear!

  • Take it really easy today and tomorrow, and then hopefully you'll be okay for Wednesday.

  • So glad you're feeling a little better. My grandson (6) is a violinist too and I missed his concert this year when he played the Bach Double Violin Concerto so I know how important it is. And my daughter, who had flu, managed not to record it by some technological fluke.

    I was chuckling yesterday when I thought of your husband's initial reaction of 'Have you coloured your hair' - typically male! Take care and do enjoy the concert.

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