Shoulder pain

I saw my Rheumy 2 weeks ago [ 6 monthly check ] whilst there he sent me for an x/ray re the awful pain in my left shoulder which he didn't think was my PMR. I'm waiting for the results.

The pain has been so bad it was keeping me awake at night, so had to take paracetamol which helped for a while,

In the meantime my recent B/Test showed that my B12 was getting low, but still within range. I have had problems before with low level B12 [ could be long term use of steroids ? ] but after taking B12 supplements the levels shot up from 226 to 2000. so the Dr. at that time said I no longer needed the B12. However I am now back on the B12 sublinguals [ started 5 days ago ] and guess what ? my shoulder pain has almost gone !

Coincidence, I wonder !!!!!

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  • How bizarre!! It COULD have been due to nerve problems or muscle cramps I suppose. Who cares if it worked!

  • Intriguing, bowler! Reminds me of a talk my rheumy gave once about a second opinion he had been asked to provide for a patient who was being treated for PMR with steroids but without making any difference to the patient's symptoms. After investigating which tests had been carried out, he found that the only one missing appeared to be the B12 test. On carrying out the test, the patient was found to be severely deficient, and after a course of V12 injections was restored to good health. Stay well!

  • Thank you Celtic

    I was thinking it could be Bursitis as my shoulder seemed a bit swollen, { my husband gets it in his knees } It will be interesting to see if anything shows up on the x/ray. I will continue with my B12 supplement.

    I am going to my first PMR/GCA meeting tomorrow in Cambridge, I met a nice lady at our sewing group who goes, and told me about it, so I look forward to that.

  • Enjoy your first get-together with the Cambridge group, Bowler - please say hello to the organiser, Dale, from Shirley!

  • Had a nice get together with the Cambridge group, quite a long bus ride for me [ driving into Cambridge is a no no ! ] the bus takes an hour as it goes all round the villages, however it was a lovely day so did some shopping, and had some lunch afterwards before the hour journey back home, but all worthwhile.

    I didn't read your e/mail till I got home, however I sent Dale an e/mail saying "Hello from Shirley" she said thank you

  • Glad you enjoyed your day meeting up with other PMR-ers, Bowler - it sounds as though you packed quite a lot into it. You might need a more relaxing day tomorrow!

  • I have severe shoulder pain left and now beginning in right . Over the last two years diagnosed as frozen shoulder ,tendonitis , pmr .Also had physiotherapy after unsuccessful physiotherapy for prolonged period I was discharged with the advice that the physio would recommend Scan or X Ray to see what is the problem . I have never had a scan or X Ray yet so at least this would go some way towards knowing the cause .Guess what ,the physio did not do this .Just discharged me with no recommendations . This was over 5 months ago . So now I start again trying to get this sorted . All these diagnosis without any X Ray Scan ect ,sigh . This is not diagnosis this is Guesswork so how do I get this sorted . What is it about this illness that the medical proffession seem so reluctant to deal with ?

  • The Bowen therapy that I go on about is said to be very beneficial in frozen shoulder and I'd say it was definitely worth a try. If it is going to be helpful you will notice a difference in the first 3 sessions - although it may take more to fully sort the problem out there should be something you can identify in 3 sessions.

    Often such problems are due to a muscle problem which the Bowen can help with. I was told by an orthopod that my low back pain was good old "wear and tear" - like you, no x-ray - and I'd have to learn to live with it. Since at barely 60 I couldn't walk for 10 mins without pain that was very encouraging! After a complete meltdown with back pain - the pain specialist and a physio were horrified as it was entirely due to muscle spasm. The "bone man" couldn't recognise muscle problems - despite this being after I'd been sent to him for a whiplash injury. Bowen keeps this in check now.

  • I will await the outcome of my X/ray, and take I from there, I feel the pain I'm having is in the bone, and different from the PMR which is in my upper arms/muscles. I will see if there is a Bowens therapist near to me.

  • At least my Rheumy ordered an X/Ray whilst I was with him [2 weeks ago, ]

    so I had that done before leaving the hospital, I only waited 10 mins in X/Ray so that was good, I now await the result, he is also is writing to my Dr. for him to arrange physio depending on the outcome of the X/Ray.

    It's so frustrating for you, perhaps you need to ask your GP to send you for an X/Ray,

  • I haveasked I don't know they are expected to pay for it themselves they just put it off ? I may see what the cost is privately and if it shows anything they should have picked up on .Bill them for it .Not that I will have much joy with that .

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