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Hi all, I'm back in the land of the living

Hi all, I'm back in the land of the living

Fingers (and toes) crossed I'm feeling relatively well after what has been a very difficult few weeks. Yesterday was first day out of bed - exhausted but felt reasonably well. Today, hoping to make some scones - just something nice and easy to start with.

Thanks everyone for your continued support, well wishes and advice - it has really helped me get through. Especially the advice on pain management - I have now started to split my pred, half am and half pm. I don't seem to become so painful as the day wears on if I do this.

I wonder if anyone is having the same tiresome comments from friends and family regarding sweats "its just the menopause", "its your age" etc etc. I feel as though I am banging my head against a brick wall.!!!!

Hope everyone is feeling as well as can be. Take care. Babs x

PS - not me in the lovely photo - my beautiful daughter with her uncle.

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The answer is a firm "NO, it is NOT the menopause, it is vasculitis and pred side effects. Please don't mention it again if you don't want to take the doctor's word for it..." ;-)

Honestly - people!

She's a bonny lass :-)


Hi PMRpro, thanks for the response. Bloody docts, family and "friends". I knew it was not but do they get it!!!!!!!!!!! NO. So I will follow your advice and just nod my head in future X


Oh by the way, thanks for your comment about Sara, she takes after me (in my dreams!!!!!!!!!) x


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