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Pmr symptoms

Hi guys feeling rough this last few days, totally shattered and having a lot of pain when walking, currently on 15mg pred latest blood test crp down to 28 is this still high? this is all still very new to me I am working part-time and have just started an ICT course in tech really struggled today with brain fog is this normal!

Thanks for listening x

Ps. recently diagnosed with PMR

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Yes, absolutely normal. If you haven't got brain fog due to the autoimmune part of PMR then pred is likely to do it instead - or even both. Without units for your CRP I can't assess whether it is high or not - but I suspect it probably is.

You really do need to consider whether you should be working at present - at least some time off sick will speed up the initial recovery. It won't cure the PMR but it will help get it under control.

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Thank you for your quick reply being able to ask questions really helps


Might be worth taking a look at site for a booklet called 'Living with PMR & GCA' not expensive.

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