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Have any of you Ladies had Breast Cancer while on Prednisolone for PMR and had any kind of Reconstruction Post Operatively?

I've had PMR for almost four years & followed a path very similar to many of you on this forum.

Following a long time on high doses of Prednisolone with the addition of MethotrexateI l reached 7mg from 20mg ~ that sounds more straightforward than it was!

However, my world was turned upside down with the discovery of a Breast Lump & a diagnosis of Multi Focal Cancer (a new one on me)

So here I am at home Post Op & doing very nicely following a Mastectomy on Thursday.

The Team were amazing, they did additional research taking into account the PMR, the Pred & MXT and my options for reconstruction & came down on the side of caution taking into accounts the risks of rejection of a reconstruction & believe me there are many!

They were brilliant re my Steroids & 'covered' me with IV Hydrocortisone in Theatre & Post Operatively.

The Registrar came to see me the following morning & said she was off to take more advise re my Pred which they then increased to 10mg for two weeks then back to 7mg after that.

So my question is have any of you Ladies had Breast Cancer while on Prednisolone and had any kind of Reconstruction Post Operatively?

There's no time limit on to when I can have it done but ideally they'd like me to be off Pred & MXT and they will send me to a Plastic Surgeon.

I was also very,very impressed by my Surgeons understanding of PMR & it being a Nasty Condition!

PS they took me off MXT 10days Pre Operatively & I won't restart until I've healed. If however I need further treatment (Chemotherapy) then I won't go back on it at all!

Hope everyone is doing well & it's a bright sunny morning here in North Wales :)

Best Wishes To Everyone xx

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MrsNails, although I haven't got any experience with suitable answers for you, I do hope someone else will be able to help from their experience. Perhaps you might also get some help from another community on HealthUnlocked if there is one for breast cancer for instance.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to wish you well as you continue to recover from your surgery and from your PMR. It sounds as though you are already doing amazingly well, and it's good to hear what understanding and caring specialists you have.

If you manage to successfully reach the 7mg dose of Pred, then you may not need to re-start MTX, but just follow a very slow continuing reduction scheme, even reducing in just half mg decrements from that point, tapering to each new dose very slowly.

Say hello to Wales for me - was born in South Wales and it is dear to my heart, and an elderly aunt is coming from Rhoose to stay with me next week.

Although they're only virtual ones, hugs to a very brave lady.


Thanks Celtic, I've had a lot of virtual Love & Hugs these past weeks & they've been a great help.

Yes will definitely only reduce by .5 after the 7mg as I alternating 7/6.5mg as 7mg had been my new sticking point!

Just at the hospital now as a problem with my drain, the vacuums popped so it needs redoing!

Thanks again for the hug Angela xx


Bit of a b*%%"& that - hope it all goes nicely from here on in. I assume you had a uni-lateral mastectomy? I would ask for bi-lateral so I matched - and the thought of not needing a 32GG bra would make up for a lot...

The only thing I can say about reconstruction is that if the offer were for a free-flap one, personally I would accept the flat chest. My husband did extensive research with that version of reconstruction and he said he would never encourage me to have it done. What he saw his ladies go through was not nice - although I do know some women who have had it done and they think it is great. The risks - as you say - are considerable. The complication for you is that you must be off pred etc - and PMR has a nasty habit of coming when it wants and going when it wants. I have had PMR for over 10 years. I live well with it on 5mg of pred - and nothing would induce me to go back to the 5 years I had with no pred. So, in the case your PMR is as refractory as mine - ask about the other options.


Thanks PMR Pro I'm going to have a chat with my Breast Care Nurse to see if they've had anyone else like me?

Must say I was impressed with My Breast Consultants knowledge of PMR & it's horrible trait of coming back and how she took advise from other Specialists.

The offer of reconstruction is there indefinitely so we'll get the Pathology Results out of the way first & then concentrate on a good recovery for now!

I'll keep you in the loop if I pick anything up along this journey that's of interest.

Thanks for reply, all you help & valuable advice to this Community.

Best Wishes xx


Hi MrsNails.

Like celtic I have no answers for you, but had to respond to wish you well and a speedy recovery, I'm glad to hear that you are getting such good care.

I have GCA/PMR and have been on Pred. for 16 years, I also have taken MTX and Azathioprine which neither suited me. I recently have been diagnosed with Bowen's disease, a form of skin cancer, and it appears that Azathioprine may have been the culprit ?? and perhaps the long term use of Pred together with the Aza played a part who knows.? and Pred does lower our immune system, and they [ Pred ] can mask some illness's.

Love and hugs



Thanks Bowler for your reply & good wishes too!

Looks like another sunny day so that helps. xx


Hi, I am sending you a few more good wishes. Take great care over the next few weeks. J


Thank You 5lupins x


Hello mrsnails, no I haven't been through what you are going through but like many replies I just wanted to send you best wishes.

I remember saying to a friend of mine who is also a Dr that I hoped I never developed another medical condition that required an operation because what would they do now I'm on pred. She replied that even with PMR and the steriod treatment we're on everything is possible. It's all about keeping us stable and real experts would know exactly what to do. Well it sounds as if you had a fantastic team that went the extra mile to ensure you recovered well from both the PMR and the breast cancer. Like wise if you require further treatment, existing medical conditions and treatments are all worked into the new equation.

You are so brave and an inspiration to us all. I wish you all best wishes and hope you recover very very soon. Regards, tina


Oh Tina Thank You so much for your kind words, I think the support I have from my family, friends & even people I don't know are keeping me going.

Think that little increase in the Pred is 'helping' in more ways than what it was prescribed for!

I will let you know how I get on just hoping & praying for a good outcome from the Pathology Report!

Have a good day & hope you are doing well. xx


just wanted to say good luck to you have nothing to add to help really X


Thank You Kay60 x


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