Starting reduction of preds

Yesterday I started reducing my preds from 30 mg to 25 mg. I was supposed to have reduced to 20 mg, but after reading all your helpful posts, thought it sounded a bit drastic and just didn't want the awful pain and stiffness back again. 20 again today and all seems to be ok for now, fingers crossed! Have been referred to a rheumy but have now had 2 letters saying that they can't book appointments at the moment because of problems with the on line booking service, but hope to see me within the 18 weeks guideline! Have had no blood tests for over a month, was hoping that the rheumy would take over from my GP, who though very kind, doesn't seem to know very much about PMR. Quite worrying when mismanagement could lead to having GCA by the sounds of it. Thank you everyone for your posts, I have felt very reassured reading them all, also very fortunate that I have not had some of the awful reactions to steroids that some of you have had and the ongoing pain that many of you suffer. Good luck everyone!

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  • Good luck I start my first taper in a week , like yourself dreading the pain coming back but from what I have read from other's the Pred withdrawal pains are very similar to what most of us experienced before diagnosis . Stay positive and keep us posted on your progress , 😀

  • Sorry forgot to ask how long have you been diagnosed or suffering wrong as the case may be . Also how long have you been in Pred . ?

  • I was diagnosed in May so I am still in the early stages. Have been on 30 mg for 3 weeks before starting this reduction. Shoulders ache a bit today and I feel tired but nothing horrendous. Hope your reduction goes well. I suppose I am particularly anxious as I was first put on 15 mg and as there wasn't too much of an improvement after a week my doctor took me off as he thought there must have been some other reason for my pain. The day after coming off was without doubt the worst pain I had ever experienced (childbirth included!). I know I am only reducing not stopping so nothing will be as bad as that!

  • For a woman to include childbirth in what kind of pain she was in it must have been bad , my wife always uses that one to say men have no idea what pain is in comparison to childbirth. She will be in there's tend to read your reply . Best of luck again , keep posting as talking really does help .

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