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Rheumy - finally

After four years, my GP made me an appointment with a rheumy because he was concerned about my yo-yoing inflammatory markers. I thought at the time that these could be caused by the repeated sinus and chest infections I've had over the winter. Meanwhile, GP put me up from 5mg to 10mg of pred. I had, at one time, been on - I think - 3mg. The rheumy (Manchester prof) agreed with me that the infections could well be to blame for the raised levels. She has given me a reduction scheme (to 7.5 in 3 months) which is a bit faster than I would like but I seem to remember that if I'd managed a phased reduction previously I could go a bit faster this time. She is also prescribing 3-monthly bisphosphonate infusions as I can't take the oral dose. So I seem to have gained something from the consultation.

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