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Used to have migraine attacks from 16/27 over the last 2 weeks have been smelling fresh bread some evening then waking at 4am with pain over right eye

This was how attacks used to start only difference was flashing lights no smell Any one had this and do I use smell to say migraine not GCA attack .I have a major review with doctor's on Friday need to write list

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Olive, I haven't come across this symptoms with GCA before but as you have an appointment with your Dr on Friday perhaps he will be able to confirm whether or not it is a return of your migraine.


Olive, I had ocular migraines from age 17 until around 55 years old. Since then I only had one until just before my diagnosis of PMR/GCA last July . I then had 4 attacks within 24 hours. My GP had put me on heavy doses of pseudofed,for what he thought was sinus problems. I actually had one during and after my biopsy. Then the rheumy and the GP each said they were caused by the pseudofed. I didn't have any more until about a month ago when I had another. I am now 76 so it had really been about 20 years without them. I have no idea if they are connected, my new opthamologist says she thinks they were coincidental. I do know that they occur when I have been under stress, and then start to relax. I have not had one since a month ago. These attacks always affect my sight with the flashing light aura, so after the GP had confirmed my diagnosis of GCA my rheumy then started me on 80 mg. of pred. He must have been concerned about the migraines and my sight, but my opthamologist last week confirmed that my optic nerves have not been damaged. Good news.! I hope your DR. has some answers for you. I will be interested to see if he connects your migraines with the GCA.


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