not a happy bunny

At the moment I have got PMR returned caused by stress, I have a water infection which is making me feel awful a cold and cough and of course sciatica which has been plaguing me for about 3 months. Don't want to be a moaning minny but its how I feel. On top of this its pouring with rain so I can't go on one of my short walks which helps the sciatica.

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  • You are definitely allowed to have the occasional 'sorry for myself' day. We all have them and I believe they are necessary. It's also one of the reasons why we are here, so come and moan at me whenever you need to.

  • Oh poor you, with that lot to contend with I'm not surprised you're feeling like having a moan. That's the beauty of forums such as this - a place to come and get things off your chest when you feel the need and also to shout about it when you have some good news. Keep warm, drink plenty of water for the UTI, and plenty of hot lemon with Manuka honey and glycerine for the cough. If you like garlic, then I find adding some to buttered toast can help fight the infection - just don't breathe over anyone! I do hope whatever has caused the stress has resolved and you are feeling better soon.

  • I have gotten consistent, quick relief from sciatica episodes over the years from chiropractic adjustment. Instead of suffering for weeks or months, I just go in about 3 times and get the pressure on the sciatic nerve relieved. You might want to consider it.

  • Commiserations! One thing is bad enough but with our vasculitis problems extra ailments feel much worse. I have just got over a 3rd water infection in the last few months & yes, it really pulls you down! So far I have avoided my husband's rotten cold & cough, fingers crossed! I hope you soon feel better.

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