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New Shropshire support group!

Hello everyone! Just want to let you know that we now have a lovely couple of volunteers (a woman with PMR and her wonderful husband) who are interested in setting up a support group in the Shropshire area. We'll be getting in touch with all members of PMRGCAuk who are in a 40 mile radius, but if you live in that general area, please let us know and I'll send you their contact info too. When we get the first meeting set up (probably in November) I'll be posting the details here on the forum. Meanwhile if you are interested, please drop me a line on

Have a good day!

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Hello Kate, I may be interested in this new group, it just depends where, in Shropshire, this is going to be. Any info would be appreciated.


Hi very interested ,think they are Shrewsbury based Iam in telford so looking for more info


Hi there

The group is going to meet in Leebotwood on Friday 28 Nov from 1 to 3 pm.

Please let me know if we can be of any help,





Iwas lucky enough to get in touch with Olive and Cath through the website the day after my diagnosis.They were wonderful and very reassuring after the huge shock.

Have joined the national group and would be very interested in this recent suggestion ,as I,m getting the feeling that it can be quite an isolating experience for some sufferers.

Not sure how i can help but always willing to try.



New to this site and been diagnosed with PMR 4 weeks ago. By mistake I became a member of another one on health unlocked and want to know if I am (or how to) on this one please? This is such a relief to read the informative messages, Thankyou!


Wonderful. Is there any website like this in America? I live in Southeast Ohio. The pollution and toxins are severe here. I need a support group. I am crying as I talk. I can't take much more. I have no support but my husband. My daughter in law hates me and thinks I just want attention. I now can't see my grandson and never hear from my son. I am hurting so bad. Mentally and physically


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