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LO.I have been trying to keep active most the day, just log on the Forum seems to have gone bolistic after the week end. Advice if possible?


I have used the Soft shoe Shuffle down method posted by PMRpro, down from 12.5 to 10mg. Apart from muzzy head achey shoulders not to bad.I Have a Drs appointment this week for results of blood test for ESR. I just wonder if its worth asking for a Full blood test to see if some thing else is causing aches? thyroid. iron def.I would like to thank one and all for keeping me on the strait & narrow so speak.Please keep up the good work & stay safe.Dave

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These should all have been done by your GP at the outset in the very first blood test you had done - it is very unlikely he would have just asked for ESR and CRP. ESR was always done by the haematology lab - and they would do a full blood count that includes stuff for iron deficiency and so on. CRP is done by the biochemistry lab - and that includes loads of other stuff fairly much as routine. When you go to the doctor with an unknown problem and he decides to send blood samples off he is almost always looking at about 20 different things. Once that has been done and it is just monitoring your progress he may not do as many different things unless he thinks something has changed. Here I have to pay for my blood tests - a full selection of basic stuff costs me about 75 euros, and I doubt that is the full cost.

But ask him if he did do a full range of tests - and I'd ask why not if he didn't!!!!

PMRpro. Thank you for your swift reply,point taken.I do have tests for underative thyroid.I thought i had read a post a while back from one of the girls to say the Pred had altered her dose of Levothyroxine? I will cross B/test of my list,as it can be a bit of a losing battle to get input. just give him list with pres for pred and results of blood test.With good advice from this and n/ east forum i am just about ploding along.once again a big Tank you.Dave

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