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Re my recent post about pmr yesterday The pain in my right buttock was very severe so I contacted my doc and got to see him within the hour

He got me to lie on his couch to examine and did the straight leg test and declaired apologetically he had misdiagnosed me incorrectly in the first place and that my problem is sciatica which needs physio to treat will book me in at hospital with a 6to8weeks waiting list Well the pain was so bad I decided to go to a private physio who I knew about and saw him got an appointment this am when I described the condition to him he said it isn't sciatica but piri formis and proceeded to treat me for such massaging the area etc. By this morning the severe pain in the buttock had eased considerably but I went to the physio anyway as I wanted to here a second opinion and now I am very releaved to be out of the pain I was enduring through the night

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Eddy - so pleased to hear that you have now got a different diagnosis, have had physio treatment and are already out of pain - long may that continue.


Thank you for your comment


Piriformis - the wallet disorder they call that in men - it can be caused by sitting on their wallets in their back pockets! Actually the doc wasn't so far out as in some people the awful pain can be caused by the piriformis muscle spasming around the sciatic nerve - in some people the nerve passes through the muscle group. A visit to a physio or similar physical therapist often achieves more than a doctor.

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Thank you for comment,pain not completely gone but Noway near as bad as it was


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