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PMRGCAuk has new website

Hello everybody!

We are delighted to announce that our new website has been launched!


We hope you'll like it. You can now become a member of PMRGCAuk online.


Please do this for us as it helps us make a case for funding to continue our work. The more members we have the more we can demonstrate that we are making a difference. By becoming a member you will also receive regular newsletters, participate in events, like our last Members' Day, and will have the chance to help us develop policies and encourage research. As a member of this forum you are already an 'associate' member of PMRGCAuk. By becoming a full member you will be helping us reach out to other people who are dealing with PMR and GCA on their own.

Thank you all so much for your support!


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Hi Kate,do not know how i would have ever got through this without the brilliant support of this forum,i am still on preds but are down to 11mg,s,and are thinking of doing some part time voluntary work for our local children's hospice,in the Stockton on tees area and just wondering about doing some walking for our charity can you tell me how to go about this and do we do this sort of thing?would be happy to try and raise some money for research, many thanks for all the help in the past year,ritter(Anne)


Dear Anne

Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback. It's great to hear how people have been helped by being in contact with other people with the same condition. So many people with PMR and GCA feel so isolated. Great news that you are getting down on the pred.

As far as walking to raise money for research, for the past two years we have been collaborating with Fight for Sight who fund research to do just that - save people's sight. We talked to them about GCA and they involved us in their annual Carrots Night Walk. It takes place in September in cities around the UK, and I think this year they are going to organise things so that every region in England at least has a night walk. Because of our involvement with Carrots, F4S and we have managed to fund not just one, but two new research projects into sight loss caused by undiagnosed GCA. For now, send an email to sophy@pmrgcauk.com and tell Sophy about yourself. She's our new development director with lots of ideas for involving people in fundraising and volunteering.

Best wishes and thanks again



Is it possible for a resident outside Uk to join in your new site? - I'm living in Finland - and here we've got no site of PMR at all.


Of course. You are more than welcome!


Thank you! ♥


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