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Susie, Does anyone know of a nutrition book that talks about fighting inflammation. One that has recipes and tells you what to eat and


what not.

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There is a book about nutrition and arthritis in general. I can't remember the title but the author was Gail Darlington and I expect Amazon could find it for you. If you search the book store using those words (nutrition/arthritis) I expect it will find more. Be careful what you read - search safely.

This is one I really like the look of: The Inflammation Syndrome; Your Nutrition Plan for Great Health, Weight Loss, and Pain-Free Living by Jack Challem. I have put in on my Amazon wish list for Christmas so haven't read it yet. But, you can look inside:

You can be quite sure that if it tastes nice you won't be able to eat it.

Hi Nickie, I am going to see a nutritional therapist at the end of the month for advice re my diet and making it more anti- inflammatory. I also hope to get advice on what are the best supplements to take, will let you know how I get on. Cheers from Runrig x

Thanks, I will look this up and try to get it.

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Hi Runrig,

Will be interesting to hear what they say. I am dragging my heels about trying an anti inflammatory diet as cake etc is what gets me though the day! Also am still 16lb lighter than normal ( jaw pain not helping! )

Let me know what they recommend.



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Hi Keyes, will do. I am fortunate that I don't have a sweet tooth except for adding sugar to hot drinks and enjoying cordials with water. Keep hearing turmeric/ ginger and boswella are good supplements to reduce inflammation, so hoping she can advise which supplements to try. Unfortunately since starting steroids 10 months ago I have put on 10lbs, about 7 of them while off sick for 6 weeks. Thought running around ward I'd burn some off but unfortunately not. Will definitely let you know what she says. It's £60 for 90 min consultation so seems good value. Cheers Runrig x


Hi Runrig,

That's the problem with running round a ward, it doesn't take weight off but if you have a break from it it's easy to put weight on!

I eat a lot of fresh ginger as I love home made Chinese and Indian food so hopefully on the right track!

I think the good thing about nutritionists is that they are very sympathetic and holistic, it would be great if medical consultants had appt's lasting that long!



The book I found most informative was 'The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book' by Jessica K. Black. I think I got it from Amazon.


Susie ... I have just received the book Moira recommended to you - bought it through Amazon - and it looks good. Haven't had a chance to try out any of the recipes yet.

I have been making up recipes now for a while which fit with the anti-inflammatory diet I have been following since May. I am planning to produce a cookery book. If you want copies of some of the ones I have you can email me at and I will send you them as PDF files.

I haven't found the diet difficult at all and my family eat my recipes quite often without realising they are eating an anti-inflammatory meal!


The book I bought recently on Amazon is called "The Anti Inflammation Zone" by Dr Barry Sears, and contains all sorts of info, including recipes. Am trawling through it as there is so much read and take in.

Hi Nickie, I promised I would let you know what the nutritionist advised when I saw her yesterday. She told me that auto-immune diseases are often caused by a problem with the gut, and advised increasing probiotics and a supplement that helps heal the gut. With regards to diet to reduce inflammation she advised to cut down on sugar, refined carbohydrates and cut down on Gluten which is very anti-inflammatory. I have to work on having Gluten free breakfasts. I love brioche and weetabix so she suggested I try rice cakes with cashew/almond nut butter. Tried this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Hope this helps, I see her after the new year when she will focus more on reducing inflammation. Take care, Runrig x