Hi frends my last post may be confusing.I should have said that Prednisomal is my medication.I did see a specialist for the elderly for apro

Problem of overheating and not sweting and no temp rite,rise he made a form out for a blood test.when the pathologist receved the form it was incorrectly filled in,my wife who is taking care of me had to find the information for her the nurce who recieved me befor I went to see the pecialist.did not have it listed on her form Ihad to tell her that thespecialist had changed my blood presiur tabelets to Ramapil from the tabelets the docter put me on my docter then put the tablets that he thought that he thought I should I should be on, and when in the specialist,s room I said that I was to hot,he said that he was suffering from cold and was takeing antibiotics and does not know thay don't work. Not much hope for those of us suferers ?When he eventually switched the antiquate desk fan blowing germs ofer over us.I closed my eyes and thought I was going to pass out my wife tells me that half the docters do not or are not picking the simptoms up he was rather shocked and said that it was simple? Predisanall for PMR should be reduced to 1 ml in one year if it douse not work repeat for another yeare if that does not work then your on drugs for life.I do hope this makes sense?my wife has gone to bed it's half passed 10. Both up at 6am,not much sleep,helping frend all day I cannot spell or type? 80 next a lot more to say, if time allows xxx

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  • Good morning K,.......hope you will get sorted soon.You made me laugh about Dr. surgery,I can see it now!!!!!!! I have been in a surgery with big dogs bounding about,.......big Red Setters.God bless.S.

  • Hi Keithm1Di I understand you correctly, your Doctor said you only reduce 1mg a year until you are off them completely, That seems to go completely opposite to what every one else has been told. We are to understand that when you get down to 10mg then you can reduce 1mg a month as long as your symptoms allow you too. AsSoojay previously said you made me laugh too. hope you are keeping well Cynthia. (Cynbil) x.

  • Yes, this seems right. best, Whittlesey

  • Yes, this seems right. best, Whittlesey

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