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Kidney Ultrasound

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Hello all,

God bless everyone on this sight. I just have a quick question. In late October 2019 during a routine CT I was told I had bilateral parapelvic kidney cysts. Witch could be pkd. Probably pkd2 due to the fact I was 54 years old . I’ve had several follow up scans here’s the most recent Ultrasound. I’ve also had a negative renasight genetic test. I have no family history and my gfr is 77 my creatine is 1.08 I have normal bp. I’m sure there are plenty of knowledge on here just looking for opinions if this looks like pkd and if anyone has progressed in this fashion. Note I was also told I had a few benign liver cysts. Thanks and God bless.

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Firstly, I would really recommend taking off your personal sensitive information as this is a public forum! Secondly, I'm struggling to read the text as it's too small.

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