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Genetic test Renasight

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I have a question. I’m 54 year old male about 2 years ago I had a routine scan test showed bilateral parapelvic cysts on both kidneys. It also showed 1 small croon each kidney. I have normal kidney function and have had 2 ultrasound since that shows normal size kidneys and no changes in cysts sine 2019. I have no family history of pkd . My kidney doctor said it was not pkd and that parapelvic cysts are not considered a genetic cyst and at my age a single small cyst is completely normal. I also had a genetic test that was negative for pkd 1 and 2. My question is does that rule it out? Thanks and God bless,

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Hi. If you have had genetic testing that has come back negative then I would say yes, it does rule it out. Also if by 54 you have only a couple of simple cysts visible on ultrasound that's a pretty good indicator that you don't have pkd. And if the Dr thinks you haven't either that would be good enough for me.

I would say, count your blessings and get on with your life!

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