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Its been a while since I've been on here, since I have been taking Jynarque I have been feeling really good no pain and my kidney function is doing great! That said, I have been dealing with extreme fatigue the doctors haven't been able to find the root cause and so I continue to struggle. This has made my life very difficult to have a full life as I spent lots of time in bed.

I have seen specialist and been tested for everything within their scope, my Nephrologist mentioned about me being admitted to the National Institute of Health as they are a research hospital. I am hoping to hear more about this as we enter the new year.

Cheers to you all and hoping that we all get the medical assistance we need.

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Happy New Year to you too .I hope that you continue to get stronger in 2021.

Stay positive.

Happy new year

Keep posting your Jynarque /Tolvaptan experience 😃

I sure will, I am between insurance right now so off Jynarque right now.

Stay strong. You will be fine.

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