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Gout pain


Hi Everyone

Totally new on this page.

I was just wondering if anyone stuffers with bad gout flare ups? I have a egfr of 13. It’s took a couple of years to drop from 20 to this but in the past 2years iv been crippled with gout pain! I take allopurinol at 200. Tho am often having to be proscribed steroids so I can walk with out any pain. Is anyone in the same boat.

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Hi Nikki - gout is a horridly painful thing to experience. Unfortunately for many as egfr decreases gout flare ups become common. You may find it useful to speak to others in the UK in a safe private Facebook group with many active members. Please join facebook.com/groups/pkdchar...

Nikki100 in reply to Susan_101

Hi Susan Thank you for reply, il have a look at the Facebook page.

Hi Nikki i have really bad gout just now on my left elbow and right foot i am really struggling with it. Recent bloods have shown that my urate level is very badly controlled so they have increased my allopurinol but my egf has dropped not sure if its because of the increased meds.

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