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Foaming urine

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Hi everyone,

It’s been a while,hope you’re all keeping safe .

Please does anyone know what it means to start having foaming urine all of a sudden.I have pkd and my kidney functions high.I do not have an aneurysm.MRI of the head was good.But now urine is foamy and this wasn’t the case 2months ago.Has this happened to anyone?Please let me know.Thank you

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Not sure but my consultant said that mine was down to high protein that causes the urine to foam - hope this helps and stay safe

Hi ,thanks for your reply.The doctors aren’t seeing anyone now because of coronavirus except if it’s an emergency.Should I consider it an emergency?This foamy urine?I am so worried about it because it’s getting more foamy everyday.Does it mean kidney function is getting worse?

Have you tried calling your consultants receptionist to see if you can get a telephone consult with them to talk it through

I was concerned about this too when I first noticed it. I think this is protein in your urine. I have had this for a few years. My egfr is 10. Mention this change to your consultant. Take care

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Veryworried41 in reply to Jill33

Thanks for the reply

Hi very worried,

This is protein in the urine, don’t eorry it happens sometimes, in itself it’s a symptom not something to worry about.

There’s no need to be very worried!

Thank you Rick.I have started taking 3litres if water now for about a week now and pee is not foaming.I hope it continues this way.Thats if u can continue with the water.

I mean that’s if I can continue with the water.😀

Hi very worried,

Yes, keep drinking water as much as possible, the current knowledge suggests our best bet is having an output of urine of at the very least 3 litres a day, that means water intake higher than that. I personally have six litres as a daily goal of water intake;

The foam in the urine is an early symptom of the disease, there’s nothing to worry about.

Research suggests that lowering the sugar intake and having an optimal body weight is also very important. But most of all, keep an eye on your blood pressure, it needs to be below 120-80 no matter what doctors or the nhs tell you. 130 is already damaging your kidneys.

Best of luck!

6litres of water everyday?How do you do that?Its so hard for me to take the 3litres.I have no idea how to take more than that honestly.How do you eat then?With the 3liyres I barely have space to eat.

Some foam is ok, but if it’s continuous then its cause for concern. Take care

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