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Blood in urine

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Hi everyone.

Still new to all this. Just wondering if it is common to have white blood cells and blood present in urine without bacteria? πŸ€”. Also is there pkders out there without aneurysms?

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Hello you find the following links to the PKD Charitys, UK based website useful. Yes, the majority of PKDers do not have aneurysms.

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Before starting tolvatpan i always had blood in urine, sometimes with protein somestimes without. I also have pld and 4 aneurysms, 3 of which are unpredictable, i suffered a Sub-arachnoid haemorrhage in july of 2013 age 34. In November 2013 i under went open surgery to clip an aneurysm behind my right eye i had a bleed during this operation, which resulted in stroke. I struggle with everday 'simple' tasks but im here and have great support from family xxx

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Hi L0uis3

Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear about the aneurysms. I hope things are a bit better now for you with Tolvaptan. I'm getting nearer to starting it I think.


I have PKD, but no problems with white blood cells or aneurysms.

Thank ye both for the replies and info. Luckily I got the all clear from my mri. 😁.

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