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Hello Penny Brohn

Hello Penny Brohn

It was a pleasure finding you here on HU today, had to join!! Many within the CLL Support community can now benefit from joining you here to learn from others how to better live with their disease and how the Bristol approach may help them. We have always recommended you as the experts in supporting our community with complementary supportive strategies.

I look forward to letting our group know you are here and questions can be asked. Will probably be asking several myself .(each time a relevant thread comes up in our group)




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Thanks for the message. Just been told I have brain cancer - bit of a shock, but will hope to claimdown later!




Dear Mark - absolutely a shock! Do remember there is support for you out there, through Penny Brohn Cancer Care and many other organisations (you might be interested in Hammer Out, a brain tumour support group). If you'd like to talk things through, you can always contact our helpline (weekdays 9.30 - 5pm) on 0845 123 2310.

Wishing you a safe journey and all good wishes for you and those close to you.


What a shock. braintumouruk.org.uk/suppor... is another


“Hello Hairbear and welcome to Community@pennybrohn.

We often get asked by clients if there are any local support groups that they can join in their own area, so it would be great to hear more about your support group. I wonder if you would mind emailing or phoning the Helpline and letting us know where you are located. Thank you so much for recommending our organisation to your members and do feel free to ask any questions you would like to. We look forward very much to hearing more from you


Hi PennyBrohn

Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia support can be reached through the website contact details at cllsupport.org.uk . We are a national charity holding frequent regional meetings. Contacting the charity is the best way to put people in touch with others in their area. Of course now the HU group also adds connection on line cllsupport.healthunlocked.com

First question to aid in the commencement of a complimentary thread on the CLL community and raise awareness about PennyBrohn.

What strategies can PennyBrohn offer or recommend that aid people cope with the physiological impact living with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, like all cancer it is heterogeneous but does involve living for long periods on watch and wait with symptom burdens in and out of treatment.


Thank you so much for the Information on CLLSupport.org.uk.

Your question is a very detailed one and is probably best answered on a 1:1 basis perhaps by one of our Holistic Doctors here at the centre. If you would like to know more about accessing one of our Holistic Doctors please give our Helpline a call and we will discuss this further with you, our helpline telephone number is 0845 123 23 10.


Thanks for your reply= I meant to write psychological impact :-) spell check got me. i guess strategies to help people cope at variouse times along their paths was what I was after. Will get in touch.




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