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my cancer journey ( endometrial)

on november 28th 2012 i was diagnosed with endometrial cancer after a month of losing a liver colour fluid from my vagina all was well on the 4th dec i had a hysterectomy removing also my ovarys and cervix i the had to wait 2 weeks for the results i felt very lost and abandened i contacted Penny Brohn for a listening ear and some desperatly needed help they are great!!!!!

after 2 weeks i was given the all clear from the hospital and was told it may come back again in the area where every thing was removed from that moment i went into a deep morbid depression that i covinced myself that the cancer had returned no one had told me at the hospital that once your ovarys are removed your emotions are all over the place until your hormones settle , through Penny Brohn i am learning at long last how to look after myself properly , my doctor wants me to go on hrt but as my cancer was hormone drived i have refused to do this i am now trying to find a new job as i have recently returned to my job in care and now feel for my own health it is time for a change as the very long hours make me feel like my body is going into a state of shock after each shift. I am lucky i have a wonderfull partner who has stayed at my side and taken care of me and Penny Brohn has also been a great support for them to i am so greatfull Penny Brohn was there to help me when i desperatly needed them.

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Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, i'm so pleased to know that we have been able to support you. One of the aspects to the service we offer on the Helpline is a listening ear, if you feel you would like to talk some more don't hesitate to give the Helpline a call on 0845 123 23 10.


It's interesting to hear what you said Tara, I have done nursing/social care just about all my life and prior to my cancer diagnosis i was getting a bit weary with it, politics etc. I decided to change my job (still in care) but different role and it was actually worse, I hated it. As soon as i go the all clear from my first round of treatment (got recurrence and mets now) i gave up my permanent job and went on relief. Believe me this caused financial problems and wasn't the old sensible me at all, i would not have left until i had something to go to in the past but i can honestly say I have never regretted it. I'm now working in a shop which is not the be and end all (work never will be) but it's ok and does feel better than my old job. It's been a tricky time because just as i started my bloods went up necessitating a round of scans and appointments etc and in the end I had to take time off to get my head round what was going on. The shop however have been very supportive and i go back on tuesday and hopefully this time i can settle down and concentrate on doing the job. I to have a great partner and i was glad he came with me to PB. Good luck with the job.


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