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Booked in!


So...I have booked in. I will be coming to Penny Brohen next week! Am really looking forward to it, and especially the truly whilstic approach including Body Mind Emotions AND Spirit! Too many cancer forums ban the mention of the last one of these and to me if anything that is the most important. We really are whole people and this dreadful disease effects every domain of our lives. I have learnt a lot already over the last couple of years or so about how to cope. But I still say that 28 April 2017 a tsunami hit my whole life and destroyed much in its wake. I guess the recovery period is about salvaging what can be salvaged and building some kind of life which I was going to say is "post cancer" but that makes it sound like we get to leave cancer behind us in a rear view mirror. I suppose at least for me and others of us with a chronic cancer, the correct phrase would be "with cancer". To me accepting it isnt going away despite being "in remission" and which anyway has left damage in its wake that will effect me for ever (baring some kind of miracle!) has not been easy.

Anyway I get the feeling already that this Penny Brohn course will be just the right thing for me coming at just the right time.

I kind of wish someone had told me about this before, but at the same time feel like NOW is my time and this photo makes me feel THIS is the place:

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I am sure that you will enjoy your time at PB Adrian! I do hope that it helps you.

I attended one of the intro sessions which was very good.

Finding our own coping mechanism in the wake of cancer treatment is what we are all searching for I guess.

I do believe that is its more difficult for men to open up and discuss emotions, fears etc.

Kind Regards,


Hi Adrian how did your course go ?

Unfortunately I had to cancel last minute as I wasn’t feeling up to it. You have good days and bad days and this was a bad day. I think I’ve been fighting off a minor cold virus all week. It’s really set me back quite a bit. They are very gracious, however and said they’d be more than happy for me to book again. They obviously get a lot of people who feel sick and have to cancel.

Thanks for replying and sorry you havent been feeling great. I hope to appy as it looks good. I havent been feeling great over past months so need a big push. Its a big committment if your not feeling 100%. Hope you feel better soon.

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