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Making sense of my cancer diagnosis and learning to live in peace with it. Looking into changes that I want to make in my life !

My cancer diagnosis has been very challenging with many intense emotions to deal with like extreme anxiety, anger , fear , confusion , depresion I have needed help to process these and I have found my medical staff are not the people to help but Penny Brohn and Haven have.

My friends and family don't want me to change they want me to get back to 'normal' but I have changed and there is a new normal for me now that hasn't developed yet as I am still in treatment but I want this whole experience to change my normal in the most positive way. I feel that this will be a life long project that I will need to consciously keep considering and checking because I can see how easy it will be for me to slip back to usual life and routine once the treatment has stopped and if this happens I will not have learnt or gained anything.

My body has told me that it is not happy with my old life style and it is now the time for me to make some changes!

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