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living with nets

hi would like to chat to some one with nets i was told a year ago i had nets they removed part of my bowel after it ruptured with the tumour and had a stoma bag in place got all the scans and tests done and was told there was no more cancer 1 year later i went for my reversal and they found another tumour removed it and that it had gone to my lumph node and surrounding tissue so again went to see the prof in belfast just had more scans done and am waiting to be contacted my gp dosnt really know much about nets i would like to ear from any one who has been threw some thing the same and see what is ahead of me talking to the doc is so confusing all i get it if it comes back we will cut it out i dont want any more operations i think its time they treated me with some sort of meds to stop it coming back i would be delighted to hear from any one as i am about to loose my mind

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